Currently on display

  • Dorothy Burston Brown: Bronze Sculptures

    Aug 20, 2017 to Oct 29, 2017 Dorothy Burston Brown is a unique artist who creates metal sculptures in steel, bronze, copper, and cast-off discoveries. Read more
  • Marshall Crossman: Paintings

    Aug 20, 2017 to Oct 29, 2017 Marshall Crossman is a contemporary painter. In 2000, she moved with her husband and son from urban San Francisco to Pacifica. Crossman says, “Across the road was a fishing pier with a bait shop. I was captivated by the dusty, sun bleached 'Polaroids' of fishermen holding up their catches. The humanity of these people inspired me, and thus began the Beach Series. The subject of these beach paintings soon shifted from fisherman to imaginary bathers frolicking in the surf. I liked the way these active, wet, partly submerged figures morphed into abstraction.” Read more
  • Ginger Slonaker: Paintings

    Jul 30, 2017 to Oct 8, 2017 Ginger Slonaker paints whimsical, twisted portraits. Like a Venus flytrap, her pieces lure you in with their bright colors, surrealistic proportions and storybook style. Yet once caught, more serious themes of dysfunction and injustice arise. Slonaker holds a BFA and MFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Arizona, and now spends most of her time painting in her art studio, teaching art to children, and forgetting where she left her car at the Trader Joe’s parking lot. Read more
  • Gertrude Myrrh Reagan: Mixed Media

    Jul 30, 2017 to Oct 8, 2017 Gertrude Myrrh Reagan has long been fascinated with science and seeing the world as a coherent whole of interconnected realms: from quarks, to natural patterns and those created by machines, to the structure of outer space. During her 50+ years as an artist, the Hubble telescope revealed a universe full of black holes. Fractals, the theory of Chaos, and the new science of Complexity also came into view. The anatomy of the brain became a common subject in popular culture, and all found expression in her work. Read more
  • Mark Garrett: Drawing, Painting & Collage

    Jul 30, 2017 to Oct 8, 2017 Mark Garrett transforms neglected maps picked up at flea markets into intricately cut, mixed-media pieces with drawing, painting and collage.  The creative impulse of his scissor-drawn collages and rambling ink drawings finds its source in a rich youthful exposure to the woodland landscape and seasonal cycle of his Middle Tennessee roots. Says Garrett: “As the last of 6 kids, I spent considerable amounts of time alone in nature. Read more

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