The Aether Brigade

Dec 8, 2013 to Dec 22, 2013

“The Aether Brigade!” is a transmedia, science-fiction / fantasy story about a crew of Victorian time travelers on a mission to save the world from anachronistic monsters and similar problems,” according to their website. The exhibition will include dramatic props and costumes, handbills, posters, and other ephemera.

The AetherBrigade have come to us on the Time Ship Simultaneous! They have trod through the golden pages of history and will pierce the inky, unknowable future to protect the world! (And probably raid Time’s wet bar along the way.) The Aether Brigade have come from 1881 to save us all!

“The show is a steam powered, time traveling, Who’s Line Is It Anyway on Viagra and steroids. The physical comedy was just as titillating and side-splitting as the sharp wit of the ensemble cast who takes ‘Thinking on your feet’ to a whole new level; 6,000 feet into the aether.”
– Dr. Brassy Steamington of Steampunk Designs by Dr. Brassy Steamington

“Such wit! Such tact! Such aplomb!”
– Mary Crawley, High Desert Steam

“Your equipment was top notch and production brilliant! Quite a group of characters, your crew. Not a loose nut among them though I suspect a few rivets short of watertight just to keep things interesting.”
– Commander Nicholas W. “Whiskey Nick” Triton of Kelly’s Heroes


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