Art on the Edge: from Extraction to Restoration and Regeneration 2

Oct 9, 2021 to Jan 9, 2022

For this special group exhibition featuring 38 Greater Bay Area artists, Peninsula Museum of Art collaborates with WEAD-- Women Eco Artist Dialog-- filling our space with art examining solutions to the restoration of Earth's extracted resources. The show will feature a variety of works, ranging from painting to photography, collage, assemblage, sculpture and small scale installations.

EXTRACTION covers a wide range of subjects: industrial methods of raising crops and animals; open-pit or deep-shaft mining; massive driftnet or trawling fisheries; clear-cutting forests; over-reliance on fossil fuels; exhaustion of water resources; etc. We encourage work that addresses restorative solutions to the problems created by extraction in its many forms.

PMA curators juried the exhibit, assisted by a member of the WEAD Board.

WEAD is a Bay Area nonprofit whose mission is focusing on women’s unique perspectives to further the field and understanding of ecological and social justice art.

This is part 2 of WEAD's contribution to the nationwide project: EXTRACTION, Art on the Edge of the Abyss, initiated by the Codex Foundation. Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station hosted part 1.

The extensive EXTRACTION project is being produced independently within at least 46 art spaces nationwide, between 2019-2022, with the purpose of focusing awareness and action on the overuse of Earth's resources and efforts to remediate - or change practices. (For more details:

Artists represented in this WEAD Member Exhibition include: Christina Bertea, Pamela Blotner, Alicia Escott, Eliza Evans, Julia Feldman, Stephanie Garon, Linda Gass, Tanja Geis, Regina Gilligan, Amy Hibbs, Betsy Jaeger, Caroline Landau, Margaret LeJeune, Stacy Levy, Toni Littlejohn, Linda R MacDonald, Constance Merriman, t.c. moore, Bonnie Peterson, Ann Schnake, Pallavi Sharma, Sharon Siskin, Vickie Jo Sowell, Lorna Stevens, Ruth Tabancay, Eliza Thomas, Anna Vaughan, Michelle Waters, Tammy West, Melissa West, Mary White.

A limited-entry opening is currently planned for October 9. Reservations required.

Artist presentations are being planned in connection with this exhibit. Please visit the WEAD website to stay informed and to receive the monthly newsletter.

Linda Gass, Wetlands Take Over


Michelle Waters, Luddites

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