Inner Space

Feb 9, 2014 to Apr 27, 2014

David Ruth’s sizeable glass sculptures spring from his rich internal life.  His pieces are influenced by the principles of the latest science mixed with the avant-garde, creating timeless objects commanding our attention.  Ruth’s achievement is to create works in glass which are as familiar and evocative as the stars in the sky or driftwood on a beach, yet uniquely his own creation.  Ruth’s work in cast glass features internal spaces where metaphors for life are displayed and explored. 

David Ruth began his craft during the studio glass renaissance taking place along the West Coast in the 1970s and 80s, soon producing an eponymous hand rolled art glass swirling with life and depth.  Today he continues to improve upon the technology of glass fusing and casting to create complex interior realms and glittering polished surfaces on an architectural scale.

David Ruth: “I’ve used Internal space to identify some of my work and its conceptualization before.  This show is somewhat unique in that I have both pieces named after islands in the South Pacific and also Regulus, named after a star: Outer Space, Inner Space.”

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