Edith Hillinger: Abstract Collages

Jan 29, 2017 to Apr 9, 2017

Peninsula Museum of Art is pleased to present Edith Hillinger: Abstract Collages. Hillinger's mixed-media works on canvas suggest images ranging from Northern European Gothic to Middle Eastern ethnic patterns.

"These collages are infused with the idea of the nomadic life. This was the pattern of my early life starting out in Germany, growing up in Turkey and then coming to the United States. The work brings together all I have gathered from these very different cultures. Added to that is my long time interest in archetypal patterns, such as the zigzag, that can be found on Hittite gold vessels and Indian baskets, or as tattoos on the faces of Maori chiefs. Patterns seem to be biologically embedded in the human mind. Other influences are the meandering patterns, one flowing into another, found in the work of some Aborigine and African Art. I use a variety of Japanese papers and walnut and sumi ink to create the patterns that make up these collages." -Edith Hillinger Hillinger's masterful collages reflect her life: born in Berlin, her family was uprooted during WW2 and relocated to Istanbul, Turkey. By 1948 the 15-year-old Hillinger had arrived in New York, where she attended the Cooper Union School of Art. She has lived and exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1975.

Moongate by Edith Hillinger

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