In his exhibition for PMA, Timothy Berry continues a lifelong investigation of mankind’s contentious yet appreciative relationship to nature. Combining motifs from natural landscapes and its animal inhabitants with images of mankind’s projections onto these landscapes, he constructs abstracted understandings of how these two often disparate elements can exist in one place.

The centerpiece of this exhibition, the “Felix Culpa” series, is both a tribute and a eulogy to the ten most endangered animal species on earth.

"I believe the author Joy Williams best reflects my understanding and intents as an artist when she states in her collection of stories, The Visiting Privilege, 'Many things that human words have harmed are restored again by the silence of animals.'"

Little Dodo Bird

Berry utilizes printmaking's inherent generative qualities to explore and expand the world he creates through his paintings. Viewers who take the time to sit with his work will notice recurring images, connections, and influences between the works. Each piece presents new challenges and possibilities that give birth to the next. The processes with which these paintings are created are as complex as the narrative they unleash. Mono printing, staining, digital print, and painting - frequently going back and forth between digital and hand mediums - reference the complex relationship and constant forces between nature and humanity.

Timothy Berry has been active in the arts and arts education for over 30 years. His studio practice extends to his artists' collaborations in print as Teaberry Press. His work has been seen widely in the United States and Europe. He is presently on the faculty of the San Francisco Art Institute.

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