Marshall Crossman: Paintings

Aug 20, 2017 to Oct 29, 2017

Marshall Crossman is a contemporary painter. In 2000, she moved with her husband and son from urban San Francisco to Pacifica. Crossman says, “Across the road was a fishing pier with a bait shop. I was captivated by the dusty, sun bleached 'Polaroids' of fishermen holding up their catches. The humanity of these people inspired me, and thus began the Beach Series. The subject of these beach paintings soon shifted from fisherman to imaginary bathers frolicking in the surf. I liked the way these active, wet, partly submerged figures morphed into abstraction.”

Crossman paints primarily in oil on canvas and is represented by several art galleries in the U.S. and can be found in private and public collections here and in Europe.  Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1951, Crossman earned her BFA from Colorado State University in 1973. She relocated to San Francisco in the autumn of 1977, and soon became immersed in the Bay Area figurative tradition. She has been producing art in her San Francisco studio since 1981. Marshall lives on the coast in Pacifica, CA, with her husband and son.

Beach Series #221 by Marshall Crossman

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