Bronze heads full of meaning and messages are the subject of Kristin Lindseth Rivera’s show Metaphysical/Metaphorical.  Rivera creates these ‘talking heads’ by first forming clay sculptures from still life or drawings.  Then additions are made in wax, wood, plastic and when the sculpture is ready, it is gated and burned out as part of the lost wax process of casting, resulting in a unique bronze cast sculpture. 

Rivera’s bronzes reflect the art and process of inner transformation. Just as the process of self-transformation takes place over time and along different paths, the sculptures evolve over time with the addition of symbolic and metaphoric elements to the human forms and heads that she works with.


Union of Opposites

“My sculptures deal with the existential condition of being human, with the struggle to survive, with issues of relationship/alienation, with freedom of choice and what that entails, and with the inner growth that is the business of all human beings,” says Rivera. She has focused on the human figure in sculpture since the mid 1990s.  


Transformation 2

Kristin Lindseth Rivera is an internationally exhibiting Sculptor, Printmaker and Educator.  She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, and her work has been represented in over 85 exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally.


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