Northern California Impressionism

Oct 30, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017

This sweeping collection of landscapes are the work of nineteen nationally known Bay Area artists.  Organized around the theme Field to Studio, the paintings celebrate the diversity found in Northern California's terrain: the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, the Sierra Mountains and Foothills, Gold Country, Peninsula estuaries, and vistas of the Pacific Coast.

Building upon the California Impressionism movement of early 20th century artists whose work was created outdoors in natural light, oren plein air, this group represents a second generation seeking to capture a location's color, atmosphere and feelings rather than its specific physicality.  The artist may choose to create a piece in the field, or expound upon and reimagine it in the studio, creating a novel work of natural wonder.

Calm Before the Storm by Tonya Zenin

Peninsula Museum of Art is honored to feature such a prestigious group of artists in this exhibition.  They are represented by galleries throughout the country and have been featured in Plein Air MagazineSouthwest, and Fine Art Connoisseur.  Participants include: Simon Addyman, Bill Cone, Kevin Courter, Tim Horn, Ellen Howard, Paul Kratter, Jeanette LeGrue, Richard Lindberg, Kim Lordier, Will Maller, Wayne McKenzie, Jim McVickers, Clark Mitchell, Terri Mura, Carol Peek, Michael Readon, Randy Sexton, Bryan Mark Taylor and Tonya Zenin. 

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