Apr 16, 2011 to Jun 26, 2011

Dance Mask, Papua New Guinea (collection of Bruce Lanyon),
African masks (collections of James Daugherty, Jerry Emanuel)

What do Museum Board members collect – personally? Come see when “Perspectives” opens in the Peninsula Museum of Art on April 17.

Already there are plans for a section – or maybe the whole Collections Room – for the display of masks owned by members of the Governing Board. Huge masks from Papua New Guinea, carved stone from central Mexico, de-commissioned (meaning worn out) masks from the Chinese Opera, a carved wood mask from the Caribbean, a sculptural leather mask by a long-dead AIDS artist – the list continues to grow.

Paintings by Sharon Bearce, Eleanor Dickinson,
Doris Arrington (collection of Ruth Waters)

And then there are drawings, paintings, and prints. Alexander Nepote. Robert Bechtle. Sharon Bearce. Claes Oldenberg. Stanley Hayter. Eleanor Dickinson. Josef Kurhajec. Yozo Hamaguchi.

Yes, the anthropologists describe us as “hunters” or “gatherers”, but in reality, we all seem to be “gatherers”. The Board is looking forward to sharing some of their “finds” with you.

Pig, sculptor Philip Glashof (collection of Bruce Lanyon)

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