Picturing the Neighborhood: A Community Student Art Show

Feb 16, 2022 to Feb 27, 2022

Peninsula Museum of Art is proud to showcase the drawings and paintings of the 6th, 7th and 8th Graders at The San Francisco School, who created the work with the guidance of Upper School Art Teacher, Sadie Wilcox. For this project, reference material included maps of the neighborhood as well as images of local landscapes, San Bruno Avenue landmarks, the Alemany Farm and the Alemany Farmers Market. Students prepared for the project by analyzing photographs while considering layout and composition, line, shape, form, and value, as well as the thematic content, then interpreted the material in original ways, from highly realistic to stylized, using pencil, permanent marker, and watercolor. The result is a multifaceted examination of a vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

Using the students' artwork as inspiration, we invite you to create your own drawing while visiting the Peninsula Museum of Art. You can refer to photos taken in San Bruno and South San Francisco to create a realistic drawing, or you can use your imagination to conjure an imaginary world. Use pencil, Sharpie, and brush markers to portray part of a neighborhood, and take home your finished artwork or leave it here for us to display. The San Francisco School, a Preschool through 8th Grade independent co-educational school, is located in the Portola district of San Francisco, just south of the Alemany Farmers Market. Every September,

The San Francisco School’s K-8th Grade students start off the school year creating artwork around a unifying theme. The title of the 2021-2022 Opening Painting Project was “Pathways to the Portola,” and featured a deep dive into the neighborhood where The San Francisco School has been located since 1966.

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