placeholder - Textiles by Katie Revilla

Aug 18, 2019 to Oct 27, 2019

A placeholder reserves space for something to come later; it is to exist in the temporary. Katie Revilla's work focuses on examining personal relationships to labor and production through generations of family. More specifically, through the lens of her grandfather and father, she has been documenting the history of Filipino immigrants in the Bay Area, using fabric as a medium and metaphor for weaving narratives together. She is interested in imprinting as a way to explore her identity through familial heritage in an attempt to preserve and reclaim it, from traveling to the Philippines and using the land and dirt that her family came from, to wrapping fabric and leaving it at the Angel Island Immigration Station to absorb the rust from the beams inside. Approaching masculine labor of Filipino immigrants through traditionally feminine practices and material, Revilla confronts her connection to this historical framework.

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