With Respect to the Circle

May 20, 2018 to Jul 29, 2018

Marilyn Weeks' work reflects her interest in movement, geometry, 
interconnected and layered fields of color, and the interplay of opposites.
 These themes reoccur in her work in her drawing, painting, prints, and mixed media.

"I rely on intuition, as well as studied balancing of the forms and the energies they create, to arrive at my imagery. The mixed media work is a combination of all of the above techniques. In the body of work presented for the Peninsula Museum of Art, I have chosen the symbol of the circle to explore arrangement, suggestion, repetition, and color." - Marilyn Weeks.

Weeks graduated from Gonzaga University in Washington with a BA in art. She also studied art at University of Florence in Italy, UC Santa Barbara, San Jose State University, California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco City College, and San Francisco Art Institute.  Her work has shown at numerous venues along the West Coast, including the Alliance of Women Artists in San Francisco and the State of the Arts Center for Visual Arts in Oakland.

Wynn Garber's sculptures are formed using fragments of steel with occasional accents of brass and copper.  The work springs from her delight in the interplay of positive and negative spaces and the repetition of lines and shapes-- mainly geometric.

"I prefer using steel pieces that over time have acquired a natural patina: this gives them a unique character, adding color and contrast to the sculptures. In some cases, newer pieces are painted to generate contrast. The tack welds are intentionally small to minimize their visual impact on the flow and continuity of the form. Although the overall design of each sculpture is worked out in advance, spontaneous changes often occur in the final stages of construction." - Wynn Garber

Wynn Garber, sculpture

Marilyn Weeks, painting


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