Sculptures by Helen Morrison

Jul 27, 2013 to Oct 6, 2013

Helen Morrison’s iconic forms, whether in fine hardwoods or glazed ceramics, are easily recognizable. She has explored the infinite variety of spheroid and ovoid forms, often stacked, for more than five decades. More recently she has ventured into the realm of story-telling with clay (“Trafalgar”, “Cleopatra on the Nile”, “Westward Ho”).

The perfection of the finished work invites comments about power tools, but no – Morrison starts with logs, hand-carves the forms with mallet and chisels, refines the surfaces with rasps and files, then sands – and sands – and sands.

Helen Morrison (1924 - ) taught sculpture in wood and clay for many years as a Peninsula Art Association instructor in the Manor House in Belmont. When that classroom closed, she moved to the Foster City Recreation program and continued to teach through mid-2012.

Additional work can be seen on her website,

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