States of Change - Paintings by Amir Salamat

Nov 12, 2016 to Jan 29, 2017

Amir Salamat uses painting as a way to express powerful feelings and ideas about emotional, social, and political issues.  Each large, complex painting is full of symbolism, lines and vibrant colors representing his daily thoughts and experiences.  Punctuated by intense greens and blues, Salamat also draws upon memories of the natural world observed in his native Iran to bring his concepts to life:

"My style is highly affected by my childhood, parts of which were spent very close to nature. The vibrant colors, the reflection of sunlight on plants and objects, and the somewhat organic style of my paintings are all influenced by such experiences." 

"My paintings are mostly about social issues. These paintings are about how I look at the world. But before expressing and presenting my ideas on these paintings, I have had the need to really know myself-- knowing my soul, which connects me to the place where I was born. Some of the symbols and writings on my paintings are the result of this connection."

Amir Salamat was born into a family with great appreciation for art and music.  Amir, the youngest of five children, started drawing at a very young age and was painting in oils at the age of 14. When he was 22, he emigrated to the United States from Iran to complete his master’s degree in engineering. During his studies, he spent most of his free hours painting. His initial painting style was influenced by Surrealists, particularly Salvador Dali.  Amir Salamat has had several signature styles over his career, but all of his work is influenced by his experience of the world in a constant state of change. He combines the approach of a Western style of painting with motifs and images borrowed from his birth country of Iran.  Salamat has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in North America over the years, and his work has been purchased by collectors throughout the United States.

Night Observer by Amir Salamat

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