From the Stone Age to the Digital Age - Sculpture by Oleg Lobykin

Feb 17, 2019 to Apr 27, 2019

Oleg Lobykin has roots in the craft of Old World stone carving, yet considers himself a sculptor and “an international man and product of globalization.” His recent sculptures in organic abstract shapes, sometimes highly shiny and brightly colored in fiberglass or earth tones and constructed of natural stone or bronze, express harmony between the natural and man-made worlds. Lobykin's intention is to bring attention to human disconnection and self-destructive activity toward the environment. It’s a reminder that we are here not to abuse nature, but to be a part of it. Lobykin defies labels and strives to show how old and new, timeless and contemporary, can combine to reveal hidden truths. His work explores connections between what is known and emerging insights about the nature of life. Lobykin began his career as a master stone carver, honing his skills in this traditional form of artistic expression. His work is inspired by nature and its life force, depicting his fascination with contradictions: harmony, chaos, order, darkness and light, negative and positive. Lobykin's work is a search for where and how form is born, gets a soul, and begins life on its own.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Lobykin now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a sculptor interested in conceptual art and likes to use modern tools and technology as an opportunity to reach new heights. Selected works for this show cover the past 15 years of his art practice, representing a diverse range from works in stone to digital media as new tools for art-making today. His recent geometry-based works, Pixel and Flex Cube in particular, reflect the transformation of ideas from conceptual to physical to digital as brought to life in Silicon Valley.

Talking Heads by Oleg Lobykin

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