Oct 20, 2013 to Jan 26, 2014


Artist Susan Else creates structures, then covers them completely with painted and printed fabric using collage and quilting technology. Some – like the “Ferris Wheel” and “Carousel,” are even motorized. She explains, “I treat cloth not as a flat surface but as a wild flexible skin for three-dimensional objects. I like to make work that combines contradictory ideas and images; life is always a complicated stew of positive, negative, and shades of grey – all at once – and I want my works to reflect that complexity and ambiguity.

Susan Else comes from a family of artists: her mother, Jorjana Holden, was a gestural figurative sculptor who worked primarily in bronze. Her father, Robert Else, was a well- known landscape painter (Sacramento and its Delta especially) who contributed a sense of color and rigorous attention to detail. Susan Else gleaned skills and inspiration from both parents.

Ferris Wheel

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