Topography: Mixed-Media Works by Robin Mullery

Jan 27, 2019 to Apr 7, 2019

Robin Mullery’s Topography series explores the arrangement of both natural and artificial landscapes, its irregularly cracked and troweled surfaces in earth-palette hues suggesting plains, plateaus, and fissures.  Her approximately ten large square mixed-media works on canvas are made from mortar, wire, mesh, paper and roofer’s cement applied to stretched canvas.  The pieces expose the framework-- basin and range, or latitude and longitude-- beneath, and underlying 'reality.'  Mullery’s plots of terrain are also beautiful metaphors of cracked and crumbling earth in potential movement-- a theme of obvious resonance for Bay Area residents.

She also expresses a connection between a landscape and the emotional state of its inhabitants.  Working from her background as a therapist, she probes what it means to be human: to feel fragile and strong, complete and incomplete, damaged and healed. She represents the psyche in tactile, layered textures, inviting a multi-sensory view that feels both deeply familiar and new.

Fault Lines of Feeling

Topography of Temperament


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