Virginia Harrison

May 18, 2014 to Jul 20, 2014

Virginia Harrison first realized she was an artist when a visit to a Chicago blues club inspired her to make a few quick sketches.  Years later, her intent as an artist is the same: to transform sound and emotion into form.  


"My sculptures, like music, interweave form with emotion in order to evoke the human empathy we all share."

"Bronze is a truly ancient tool for artistic expression. I consider it such a privilege to be part of the line of creators who’ve used and shaped it.   I’m always enlivened by the feel and texture of the metal, and I have such fun getting to use all the necessary tools (sometimes ancient, sometimes modern) required to realize my vision.    And weaving, of course, is an even more ancient human activity than casting. To bring those two disciplines together is, for me, the greatest joy."


Virginia received her BA in sculpture and drawing from Sonoma State University, and has been exhibiting her brilliantly crafted work in Bay Area galleries and museums for decades.  Further afield, Ms. Harrison has shown in Santa Fe, Texas and Oregon, and was the 4th place winner for sculpture at the 2003 Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte in Florence, Italy.

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