Visions & Visionaries

Oct 21, 2012 to Dec 30, 2012

“Showcasing trailblazing regional artists” is the primary mission of the Peninsula Museum of Art, and “Visions & Visionaries” is proof of our pudding: a selection of paintings and sculptures by regional artists from our Permanent Collection.

Ruth Silnes is an excellent case in point: her diptych of the cosmos was painted in the early 70’s, long before the Hubbell telescope and the glorious images we see today of the galaxies and stars “out there”. Somehow, she “saw” them and painted them for us – 40 years ago.

Jone Manoogian (left, "Summer" in Baylands series, mixed media on linen) and Cara Fuggetta (right, daughter of artist Dana Davisson; untitled, cast acrylic monotype).

But these are visual artists, and that’s what they do: they see things no one else sees, and communicate their ideas – and their passions – by “talking” with line, form, color, and mass, sometimes representational, sometimes not.

Jo Hanson, famous for her “Crab Orchard Cemetery” installation, pioneered “art from trash” when she swept the gutters outside her San Francisco home and memorialized each day’s sweepings, then moved on to creating sculpture from the debris. Ultimately, she combined her interest in trash-as-art-material with her service on the San Francisco Art Commission and succeeded in creating the now-famous Recology Artist in Residence program. Several of her sculptures are included here.

Sherry Karver, artist, "The Road Less Traveled", photo-based oil on panel.

Wall-hung works:

  • Sharon Bearce
  • Jone Manoogian
  • Claudia Chapline
  • Karin Moggridge
  • Dana Davisson
  • Harriet Moore
  • Eleanor Dickinson
  • Alexander Nepote
  • Jerry Downs
  • Vince Rascon
  • Werner Glinka
  • Dominic Rouse
  • Sherry Karver
  • Ruth Silnes



  • Jo Hanson
  • Robert Wait


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